December 16th, 2008

scotto monkeypulse


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songs that are bittersweet to me. if you have ghosts by roky erickson, summertime by the zombies, the third man theme,

i'm an uncle, brother is in jail until june, christmas is right around the corner.

it is raining.

i have a woman that i love, and she loves me.

robots by flight of the conchords makes me grin.

a week from now, christmas vacation will have begun,

bhk's sushi present has arrived.

i ride the subway with an alpha stare, unless i'm reading. i rarely fully sleep on the commute home,

batman: brave and the bold is a lot of fun

nice to see red tornado

even in this weather, i prefer to be barefoot, at least until frostbite sets in.

very little physical pain tonight,

i think the zombies are my fave group right now

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