December 18th, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9553 - Thursday

Thursday...just about done watching the first season of  Dexter. It's interesting, but I think the sister should've worked out the deal, long ago, no matter how well trained he might be, or her lack of curiosity.

Feeling a bit fatigued lately, but getting there. I need to send my brother a card or something, congratulating him on being a father, I guess. Somehow, I'm not feeling too festive about it. Ah well - I don't even know if the little girl will carry his last name or not. Momster is elated about having a grandchild under any circumstances, which is a good attitude, I think. The baby is healthy and happy, as far as I know - can't ask for much more than that!

Got our first holiday prezzies - Oranges and other citrus from folks in Florida, and an amazon box from Kev. BHK made sure that I did'nt see the invoice slip - He sent his gift wrapped, I neglected to put amazon wrap on the stuff we sent him - I hope my stuff makes it to Cuba in a timely way.

Tomorrow is the holiday party at the office - we'll see how the terrible twosome of BHK and Scotto do at party games for gift card winnings!

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