December 21st, 2008

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9556 - Sunday

Newt and Pye have been together for 2 years now. They've blended well. They aren't too aggressive with one another, though they do play rough.

Got an earache last night, I think it's an infection via the crown. Contacted Dr. Wolf, we'll see what he advises.

Went to the in-laws this morning (well, about noontime) for some Breakfast - Larry Poached some eggs, and grilled up some bacon, Chris made crab salad. All served on Xmas English muffins. (Do they call muffins something else in England, and "English muffins" just muffins?)

After eating, we watched Superhero move and I got a call from the Momster - our holiday goodies arrived in her mailbox yesterday. Superhero Movie was Basically a parody of Spider-man, plus a few cameos and Leslie Neilson nonsense.

Larry showed me how to make Preacher cookies - chocolate/oatmeal goodies, with no flour in 'em. Closer to Fudge than a cookie, really.

Good stuff - I've got to practice making these, I think... they're easy, but are good eats.

BHK and I headed home early for some rest - watch some old Christmas episodes of night Court and Wings - I pretty much just Vegged out all weekend.

I'm looking forward to a nice long winter's nap after Tuesday - Vacation (but on-call) from 12/24-01/04!

A few items need to be worked on - biggest ones are file comparing encryption, getting a slacker customer to get on the new system from the old (before the old shuts down totally)  and a system map of our network that is up to date.

Maybe a little vitamin B-12 will pick me up. Until later, dear journal!

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