December 22nd, 2008

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9557 - Monday

9557 - Monday

North Beach's High and Low today - 26° F | 14° F

Nearby Easton is 9°F, with a windchill of -7° F.. the Snakehead fish there are going to be under a layer of ice, I think.

That's about as chilly as it has gotten this season... well, that's not saying much - winter started.. what, Yesterday?
40% chance of precipitation... maybe even a white Christmas! I'll take those odds.

BHK and I have been amused by a recent episode of Mr. Meaty - it's on the Tivo until it gets lame. Jesse Lumberpond! Sissy Death!... and See also

Making fiends is cute, and I hope Amy Winfrey is swimmingly successful with it. I really liked the web cartoons - I wonder how many changes she had to accept to get it on nickelodeon?

Additionally - A PURPLE SQUIRREL ! - via BHK

Starting today, you can purchase a commemorative Barack Obama inauguration SmarTrip card. The special cards, which cost $10 and come with no value preloaded onto them (or pay $20 upfront and get $10 in value on the card) can be purchased online or at Metro sales offices. The commemorative cards featuring Obama's face are not to be confused with the special $10 one-day Inauguration paper farecards, which also feature Obama's face. Those paper cards offer unlimited rides on Metro all day on Jan. 20, and are also available online or at Metro sales offices. The commemorative SmarTrip cards work just like regular SmarTrips, and do not offer any special fare discount or unlimited rides. (via DCist)

PSA- Dealnews has a list of 90 stores that you can still order from and have it arrive it time to make it under the tree before the 25th.

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