December 31st, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9566 - And another one gone...

Farewell, 2008! It was a pretty nice time, all told.

In attendance to watch the ball drop (and play some Arkham horror, Witch Trial, If Wishes were fishes, Easter Island, etc)

[edit - I won Easter Island, Either Amy or BHK won Witch Trial(I have since forgotten) , Nobody won Arkham Horror(AIEE!), and Shaun won If Wishes Were Fishes.]

BHK, the in-laws, Shaun W, and Amy all made it to hang out, eat snacks, and stay up until the extra :60 rolls over.

until I recap more, have some spooky christmas decoration photos taken up the street.


and a few more not so scaries, including caveman scotto's first window display.


Cheers, and much love in the new year, dear journal!