January 6th, 2009

Prisoner Quiz

9572 - Tuesday

Still pretty darned psyched about going to see Punxatawney Phil on my B'day. I am concerned a bit about the weather, though. Last year, it was 27 degrees, not horrid, but pretty dang cold.

It's been snowing there all this week, and it's only going to get chillier!

We should stock up the love cube with some hot cocoa, cider, and plenty of blankets, too. Oh, and plenty of Polka Music for the 5 hour drive. :)

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you.

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Best? I'll just go with first that comes to mind. Maybe I'll come back and fill in more detail - maybe not.

Allison - my love.
Creaky - Back, hip, jaw... a little work around the joints would be nice.
Determined - not much of a quitter here.
Eyesight - one of my better physical traits, at least as far as viewing the surface of things. No x-ray vision, sadly.
Food - When food is prepared to my liking, I get a sense of comfort. BHK is an amazing cook. MD has far better food than FL, too.
Large. (I'm fairly close to Bluto's not as mean Twin - tall and overweight both)
Queries (both SQL, and everyday life)
Vegetarian - (Not too severe - I'll do eggs/diary, and the occasional sea creature with more than 4 legs)
Xorn. Why? Because I have a soft spot in my heart for tripod creatures... the mouth-on-top eating precious metals and gems is a bonus. What was I going to say? X-ray? Xylophone? I nearly went with XXXL, but I figure it's covered at L.
Zombies (though they are getting a trifle passe')

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