January 8th, 2009

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9574 - Thursday 1/8/9

Chris's Merto car conked out - (re-parked with the ignition on) BHK got her from the metro prior to my pickup. She couldn't reach Larry - his cellpohne was turned off. As a result, Chris came with us to dinner with Tina, at Mexico.

Supper was good, we all chit-chatted a bit - Tina's going to the inauguration - I'm passing - too crowded and mobby for me. Best to just stay home and enjoy coverage via the news while I relax in my jammies.


Newton leaping down from his perch - BHK relocated Pyecam for a more worm's eye view. Newtcam seems less active these days - time to open the windows, maybe.

A demo for Kloonigames' Crayon Physics Deluxe is now available for download (Windows XP and Vista only).
Only the first two islands (eighteen levels in total) are playable in the trial version. Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo and FAQ(Kloonigames)

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