January 10th, 2009

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9576 - Saturday

Happy Birthday to Kat (and 3 years of journaling!)

Today, I got my shots, and BHK visited the doc for chest pains-  turned out to be muscle-related... knot in her back radiated out to the rib area. Knot is fading considerably now, thankfully.

This afternoon, BHK and I finished Happiness of the Khatkuris, and The Dunwich horror - both were much better than I'd hoped, for totally different but similar reasons. "Bad" horror flicks, that were fun to watch, mostly because BHK was in the room with me while we lounged on the couch and ate chocolate cookies.

After the movie-fest, it was off to Selby with the in-laws - Not bad, but not the best - lots of new folks there - owners out, so the quality was a bit under par, but still good.

BHK got her big warm coat for our trip to Punxy - she'll be toasty warm while we're there now, I'll wager.

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