January 15th, 2009


9582 - Thursday

Back to work today - Still plenty sick, but I need to get things taken care of, and I'm not dying or anything.

Snow falling as I hopped aboard the train - and it stuck to the ground, crunching underfoot as I walked the last bit from the bus to the office door. It stuck until about midday. It's about 14 degrees tonight, got up to 32 with the sun out.

Confirmation on Feb 2 off - looks like I'm going to see Punxy Phil after all! Also got the 19th off, so nice long weekend - 20th is off for all in dc - inauguration traffic nightmare averted!

Christmas Tree is outside, drying by the fire pit. I suspect we'll use it to heat the ring, or cover it in suet and feed the little birdies. We still have fairy lights on the gutter of the house, but they are unlit - probably will come down this weekend.

BHK and I have been listening to old Time radio on XM - She seemed to really enjoy Lucy Ball in "my favorite Husband" on the ride home.

Picked up $4 worth of scratch offs of our weekly gambling habit - won $6! a $2 profit quickly absorbed by her craving for slim jims.

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