January 16th, 2009

boot hill

9583- Friday

Friday at last. Got a long weekend ahead of me - but I've got a couple of issues I've got to tend to before I fully relax. Two things for work to get in alignment - Wednesday will have to go for it! 4 day weekend ahead. Part of it will be spent celebrating the new prez, but most of it will be just relaxing. I'll see if BHK wants to go on a little date maybe, too.

Low today of 7 degrees Fahrenheit.  (High of 22). If it's going to be this cold, it could at least snow, but it is as sunny as can be.

Trimmed back the beard - may return to goatee on the weekend. It's really good at fighting the cold, though.

Rest in Peace, #6 and Mr. Roarke. I hope the new islands suit you both, glad you spent so much time on this one.

A cat named Sammy was usually seen lounging in the window of the post office in Notasulga, Alabama until someone complained.
“They said ‘This is a federal building and he doesn’t pay federal taxes so he can’t come in’,” said postal worker Rochelle Langford.
But Sammy’s supporters think they have found a way around the banishment. They have rented a post office box in his name!

Speaking of Orange Kitties -

newt leaps newtcam

Forgot to post this on Monday - Newt leaps in from the side of Newtcam! BHK said that something got into his head and he went on a tear through the house---up and down the stairs and jumping on all the cat furniture. Pye and BHK as usual looked at him like he was a crazy orange beast :D

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