January 20th, 2009

OK - All right

9587 - Tuesday

Congrats, President Obama! We listened to coverage on CNN radio while I went to the MVA - ( I have to contact the state of Florida for more record info, before I can get my D/L here.  Strike two!)

Soledad O'Brien couldn't stop talking about "White House was built with slave labor" thing... once worked, thrice is two times too much. Message received, etc.

BHK made this nifty cake for Jay and Sean's Inauguration party -

Pretty Keen - did a tick for each president prior, in red or blue for republican or democrat - tick marks are black for other (like Whigs or D-R's)

Says "Time for a Change" with clock hands, and the Obama Logo in the center.

Small gathering, but it was neat to celebrate the changing of the guard. There are going to be a lot of sleepy people in DC tomorrow after all the parties and etc.

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