January 23rd, 2009

pye - bughunter

9592 - Friday

Went to hospital for a gut - check - Doc gave me meds, and prescribed an Upper GI / sonogram. Digestive tract is treating me mean - but now I have some meds to tide me over. Sonogram tomorrow, Upper GI next week. Also got Allergy shots today, since I was in the area, and work told me that I didn't have to come in.

Stopped at the  library - got boom blox for the wii- cute, but not a purchase. one night was enough.

BHK made some tasty soup! pot pie squares (noodles), broccolii, cabbage, peas, carrots, celery veggie "beef" stock. really good.

To make up for a lack of content - have a picture of Newton sunning in the window, watching the starlings outside


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