January 28th, 2009

there are thieves about

9597 - Wednesday

Had to get up extra early this morning, to be sure I could make it in to work on time. Snow has melted to form extra-scary and slick ice on the roads and sidewalks outside.

The replacement Clie I got back in march died - bidding for a new one on ebay. I'll have to make a point to recover my old data - shouldn't be a problem, since I last backed it up a day or two ago. The only hassle will be re-installing my 3rd party stuff. Astronomer, isilo reader, and tealpaint are really the only items I'll want back right away. If those bids don't go through, I may look into a Nokia N810 or possibly a Asus EEE for the same cost as a Birthday Prezzie to myself.

Not a great day today, but tomorrow will be better. Off to a rough start, and a really rough time at work about 4pm. BHK collected more estimates on the Love Cube's repair, and remains doubtful that insurance will pay the bill. Chris is looking into options on her side of things.

BHK made calzones - her first attempt, and they were delicious. (Mine had broccoli, veggie meatballs, and assorted cheeses in there). Technically, I guess they were stromboli, as she put a little sauce inside the dough, but not a huge amount. I still had some on the side to dip into.

We watched the first half of the Heartbreak Kid, and now we're calling it a night.

Until later, dear journal.

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