January 29th, 2009


9598 - thursday

Two pictures from this morning - L'enfant station in DC - halfway to work

Local Hotel who left water running, but it froze anyway.

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1. I didn't own any jeans for over 20 years before I got married (Just khakis, and knee-shorts, etc). Now I own 3 pairs, and they're my favorite weekend clothes to wear.

2.I can't wear boots, ice skates, or any long-necked "slip your toe in" type of shoe, due to dropfoot and nerve damage on my left side.

3. Every time I see my wife or one of the kitties, I feel especially blessed.

4. I'm a limited vegetarian (I'll eat eggs and dairy... and crustaceans. - Nothing with less than 5 legs or more than 1 foot.)

5. I think that it is usually pretty easy to be kind to others, and it surprises me when some people seem to go out of their way to be cruel or hostile to strangers.

6. I doubt the existence of the supernatural, but love the stories.

7. I suspect there is life elsewhere in the universe, but doubt that it has visited Earth in a constructed craft.

8. I turn 40 this weekend. I alternately feel about 14 and about 60. So I guess I'm averaging about 37.

9. I have been run over by a car. I was riding a scooter, and the car was doing at least twice my speed. I really don't like being tailgated, and if I have my druthers, I would pull over to let them pass, or slow to a snail's crawl so they would do minimal damage to my vehicle. .

10. I haven't had a driver's license for about 15 years. (I plan to get one sometime in February, if I can get my Florida Records)

11. When I was about 15 I had a Ferret named Freya (renamed from Mitzi when I got her) - who was poisoned by someone in the neighborhood. I would still like to know why - she never hurt anybody, was friendly and fun-loving.

12. I suffer from Mama-bear levels of defensiveness of my loved ones. DO NOT HURT THEM, or I will maul you.

13. I've had problems with my back since I was 16 - ruptured a disc at the library of all places, moving books. I may need surgery again to repair ongoing damage there.

14. I have kept an online journal and website for over 10 years. (about the last 8 years can be found at http://scottobear.livejournal.com )

15. I often overcompensate for being a big guy by being either too shy, or too friendly.

16. I love being able to peek in on the kitties remotely. ( http://pyecam.scottobear.com/ and http://newtcam.scottobear.com/ )

17. I'm a sucker for social gaming - board games, tabletop rpgs, cards, the Wii:whatever brings friends to meet face to face and have fun. (I'm really bad at Chess, but love playing it)

18. I believe in love, and think it's a greater motivator than fear, greed or pain. (and those things are amazing motivators)

19. I wish that I could help more people. I also wish that more people would try to help me, and each other, too.

20. I helped to write software that assists in the recovery of missing children. (Something like 400+ recoveries at last count)

21. If I were able, my phone would only accept incoming emergency calls. (I really don't like to use the phone much)

22. I love movies that incorporate at least a few of the following (some are redundant, and there are often exceptions): giant monsters, monkeys, witty dialogue, martial arts, comedy, are not a remake, 3-d glasses, horror, action, cartoons/CGI, fleshed-out characters and a well written story.

23. I think some things *are* black and white, but most are shades of gray.

24. I would love to use the wind off of the Chesapeake Bay to power our house.

25. I mentally render anthropomorphic almost everything I see.


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