January 31st, 2009


9600 - Saturday

Went to The Narrows with the in-laws and BHK for birthday lunch. Crab cake was great, possibly the best I've had - and the desserts were fantastic.

White chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate bag - Butterfly and raspberry sauce.

Bread pudding... seems awful fancy for a simple treat!

Also, taken yesterday - looks like the 80s are back in fashion, at least at Target.

We picked up my EEE at target too and upon finding it was the version with less memory and no camera, took it back today. I ordered the 904HA online (in black), due to arrive on or about 2/9 - the new one will have better battery life and the goodies I was hoping for.]

Was feeling pretty sick on the ride home - I went to bed at about 5 pm, woke up a little while ago, but will be going back to sleep soon.

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