February 3rd, 2009

ill-tempered man lives here

9604 - Tuesday

Just some nutshelling - Let's see:

Trimmed back down to goatee.

Wasn't feeling too well today. Got up at 8, went back to bed at noon, slept until 2.

BHK and I stayed in most of the day, save for a trip to the library and then to Roland's to get spaghetti for tonight's dinner. (Which was super tasty)

Chris was a bachelorette tonight, so she came over had dinner and watched NCIS with us.

After she left, we watched some Mr. Meaty left over from the marathon on Nick a week ago - The show consistently gets a good laugh or two our of me every time.

Speaking of TV - I forgot to mention that we watched the Superbowl - actually quite a good game - I really loved that 100yd snatch and grab. BHK and I still prefer the Puppy Bowl (and the kitten halftime show).

- another meme - pass it around if you want! I'm interested in what other people put. I think I found it first via Kat, or maybe Misti

My father.
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