February 4th, 2009

ape and kitty

9605 - 2/4

Back to work! Light dusting of big fat flakes of powdery snow which was pretty in the morning, but melted away before noon came.

Larry and Chris came over for dinner of potluck leftovers - and made fresh hot dogs. Well, it was nice having them over, in any event!

BHK is worried about neighborhood kitty - she's already named it Priscilla. I think Pris will be ok - she's very healthy and clean... If we keep seeing her, we'll make her a little bed and give her some food.

"Google is adding the option to Google Maps to track your position based on your cell phone's proximity to towers, or internal gps.. Think 'locator beacon.' Paraphrased: This would be good for people wanting to let their friends know where they are or for parents wanting to know where their children are at all times."

I'm scottobear@gmail.com there if you want to add me and try to track where I'm going. :)
Men's Health has a listing of the 20 worst foods of 2009, all of which fit the description of "calorie bombs". For instance, the worst "healthy" sandwich is the Blimpie Veggie Supreme, which contains 1100 calories, and 33 grams of saturated fat. The worst food is a shake from Baskin Robbins that has 2600 calories.

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