February 8th, 2009

cave painting

9610 - sunday - more nutshelling

Got up, ready to head out for morning constitutional.

Stopped walkies, due to bad back

Stretched while BHK worked on the computer - watched Batman B&B. (Atom & Aquaman / Chemo & Brain ep)

Comfy stretch so went on walkabout - Back much better.

Watched a bald eagle circle overhead for about 15 minutes

amazing weather! like spring!

Burning house from fri night - has a fresh fire in chimney

Installed the new router - named mr meaty (bending hurts back some more)

Last of the outside christmas lights are taken off of the house - (they haven't been lit since the first week in jan)

I grill hot dogs for in-laws and bhk - good baked beans courtesy of Chris

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