February 15th, 2009

thoughts of bhk - the maggie b.

9618 - Sunday

Beware the Ides of February!!


Nice walkies today - cool outside, saw a couple of new neighborhood cats (as well as a few of the regulars) - There are more than a few local houses with ship's figureheads on them - one on the boardwalk puzzles me a bit, as I think they look better at the tip or meeting of two corners, rather than on a flat surface.

Stopped by the post office - a letter from insurance says I have fibromyalgia , but my doctor hasn't said anything to me about it. Put me in a bit of a foul mood for a while - stewed in my own juices for a bit, but have since recovered. Giving the situation a name hasn't really helped with finding a repair situation, and I suspect that calling it such will cause more than a few people to dismiss it like folks do with ADD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or the like. It is one of those things that is hard ot diagnose, and is likely over-diagnosed. I'm not going to assume anything until we can go over more facts.

Tonight, the in-laws came back over and we watched the remainder of Lost in Austen. To be honest, it was off to a weak start, but was more entertaining in the 2nd half. After that polished off, a little Top Gear helped to elevate the rapidly diminishing testosterone volume. Looks like they're back on track with the fun goofy stuff, and not so much straight car reviews. I prefer the weird challenges any day.

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