March 14th, 2009

pie - pye!

9648 - sat

Happy PI day! To celebrate, we went out for pancakes at the Main Ingredient with Duncan, J, and Sean. A nice time, and we piddled around the stationary store next door to digest afterward. (Picked up a set of cute barrettes for BHK!)

For the record, Pyewacket could care less if it was PI day, Pie day or Pye-day.

Midday, we headed home, swung by the candy store and got our mail, a brief stop at Coffee, Tea & Whimsy for a wine-tasting (well, I was there for the snacks), picked up some crabby crackers, a loaf of italian brad and some pasta sauce, spent $10 to support breast cancer awareness (BHK got a homemade pin, I got a sleeve of sugar cookies)

and watched Mr. Meaty. BHK said that it's like that show is in my head... episodes today were about Zombies and a Planet of the Apes sort of parody.. the show just hits things right on the nose. Thanks, Canada!

This evening, we had a minimalist supper (nibbles above), and watched the 2008 Bangkok Dangerous - I was a little disappointed, and BHK was more so.

BHK enjoyed the Sex in the City movie in part tow of our "flush out our old netflix" film fest more, and I thought it was a passable chick flick based on a girl's TV show, but not much more than that.

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