March 17th, 2009


9652 - Tuesday - St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patty's, All you Irish!
(And I think everyone is Irish today.)


In-laws and Adam came over tonight - BHK made wonderful Thai Curry soup, and it was a meal fit for a king!

Added Bonus of the day - she got a food processor for $13 - price must've been marked wrong, as it said $26 (on sale from $40ish)

It's a school night - just enough time to fix Adam's mac and hit the sack! G'nite, dear journal!

I'm a little out of whack today - hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Quiz-meme -

With technology on our doorstep and it's affect on daily living, how concerned are you?
Tag your friends and see what they think. Cut and paste the questions and replace my answers with your own.

1. Do you see currency being replaced entirely by debit accounts and wired transactions by 2050?
No. I think that there will always be a desire for a harder to track form of currency, especially for consensual crime.

2. Do you feel intrusions into our very thoughts by technology in the next 10 years?
Facebook and Livejournal are already here!

3. If transactions become entirely electronic, do you feel that every thing you buy, sell or earn will be recorded?

4.Of the 3 questions above, do you feel this data will be accessible by government and industry?

5. Do you think this information could be used to control you in any way? Mishandled?
Certainly, which is why I suspect currency will not die.

6. Are you aware that scanning devices are now capable of translating our thoughts?
To a degree.

7. Are you aware that devices are becoming so small and integrated that they could be as small as a cell phone, and perform all of the actions exampled above including what cell phones already do now?

8. After viewing this link and reading this article
Do you still doubt the future possibility of technology?

9. would you like to play a game of poker wearing such a device if no one realized your ability?

10. Do you think others would?


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