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November 15th, 2012

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Thursday – stream of thought, unedited.

I woke up this morning with a fairly vivid remembrance of my dreams… for the first time in quite a while.

It’s faded some since I’ve had breakfast and my morning shower, but here’s the gist of things.

Allison and I were not married yet or living together full time. We were in Fort Lauderdale, in my old apartment triplex. We were talking about when we’d be sharing one roof – Allison decides to go out for a walk, and I join her. Somehow we’re back in my current neighborhood, and she somehow uses a ping-pong paddle to pick the lock of the garage next door. she sneaks in and starts rummaging around while I’m calling to her sotto voce to get out of there – I see she’s trying to make of with the air conditioner (a window shaker unit) and instead of fighting her larcenous ways, I point out to her that there’s one uninstalled on a shelf. She takes the unit, and an aquarium full of fish… the neighbors awake and come after us with shotguns. (two adults and a 10 year old.) We were split up during the escape, and somehow I fell into a ravine / moat / body of murky water. I finally made it home, with a catfish under my arm in a bundle of towels to keep it moist. Allison was back in bed, watching the fish swimming in the tank… I put the catfish in a magically neighboring tank, and one of the golds seemed very enamored with it… the catfish leapt into the water and all of the other fish save for the adoring one immediately died, going belly up and vanishing into dust as they hit the water’s surface. I then submitted a bill to Allison for having broken my window to get back into the apartment.

I have no idea what that means. time for me to do my walk – until later, dear journal!



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