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November 16th, 2012

My tweets


I’m hanging in there by trying to continue writing rather than the photo a day deal. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this in varying degrees for almost 13 years.

My dream last night evaporated in the shower this morning – I think it was a good one, though.Not like I wove an amazing narrative yesterday or anything. Yesterday was mostly uneventful. Standout points were a lot of working out and eating way too many 3 musketeers bars.

Shopping for thanksgiving this weekend… we nearly went to Brian Boru for the holiday… not sure why it got sacked, but I’m easy. Goodies we’re picking up are a Quorn roast, some root veggies and the makings for lots of comfort food.

I’m continuing to cycle about 15 miles a day, and trying to walk and get legs back to comfy when it doesn’t mess with broken toe. Holding off on the swimming for now, though I might head back there soon.

Random awesome comic of the day – since we have a million of these guys cruising the neighborhood today:

By the way, Frog fractions is amazing. Really. I loved going to mars.

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goodnight crabman

goodnight crabman, originally uploaded by scottobear.

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