June 19th, 2014

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I can’t rely on anecdotal evidence. I don’t hang out with anything that is close to the national average for society.

I have a large number of friends who fall into “non-standard” behaviors. I know, dear journal. Nobody I can think of truly falls into normal, average, general population statistics across the board.

Me, outside the national average, I’m overweight, overtall, overold, overeducated, insufficiently religious, have briefly received food stamps, and been homeless. I own property, but do not live there, own two cats, and I’m childfree. I’ve got blue eyes. Credit card debt is under $500. I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety attacks and depression. I have allergic reactions to a lot of things. I married when I was in my late 30′s. I’m left-handed.

I fall into average for being married, straight, white, no tattoos, being overweight, number of eye, fingers, toes and assorted limbs. Never been found guilty of any crimes more severe than a traffic violation. Never had a penalty greater than $100 for a traffic ticket. Never been sentenced to jail or prison.


Not sure about the average person, but -

I love my wife more dearly than I can express.
Allison is also blue eyed, left-handed, and a reader.
Allison, Newton and Pyewacket immediately make me happier when I think of them.
I enjoy reading books regularly.
I’ve broken my little toe on both feet more than a couple of times.
I’ve been run over by a car – it broke my collarbone.
I enjoy reading comics.
I am likely addicted to the internet. Not hyperbole.
I have worked for more women than men.
I enjoy playing videogames.
I used to be pro death penalty, but not anymore.
I met my wife online through livejournal.
I’ve been published in a couple of national magazines.
I’ve contributed code to software that helps to find missing children. I’ve been a bouncer at a nightclub.
I consider myself a moderate with left leaning tendencies.
I am interested in helping the needy.
I would love to see some better way to reform criminals, but I don’t know what we can do.
Lego bricks are cool.
I like hanna-barbera cartoons.
Tv with a laugh track is extremely distracting to me these days. It makes watching otherwise excellent shows like it crowd or red dwarf hard for me.
I like fantasy, science fiction, westerns, and did you know / trivia (freakonomics/mental floss) as my preferred “popcorn” reading.
I wasn’t crazy about the Lord of the Rings books (and the millions of recycling of them by other authors) I did like the hobbit as a kid. Especially when it was read to me. Probably why I enjoy podcasts, radio drama and audio books today.
I eat seafood, but don’t consume animals with between 2 and 5 legs.
I like tomato sauce and sun-dried tomatoes but really dislike raw tomatoes on sandwiches or salads. I find stewed tomatoes to be especially repellent.
I dislike avocados.
I really like blueberries, bananas, and dried cranberries.
I’ve had a goatee or full beard more than half my life.
I’m a hirsute fellow.
I love cryptozoology, but doubt that Bigfoot, Nessie, and Chupacabra exists.
I also doubt the existence of angels, a creator, and life after death.
I do not fear a zombie apocalypse.
I do fear the madness of crowds.
There is a lot of noise in my head at any given time. Sometimes it’s white noise like a distracting static, other times it’s actual thoughts stepping on top of others making it hard to keep on task.
I assume extraterrestrial life exists, but doubt that any has ever visited us on earth by mechanical means.
My favorite dinosaurs are Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Plesiosaurus, and Ankylosaurus.
My fave synapsid is the Dimetrodon, (not a dinosaur.)
I prefer 4-legged prehistoric critters to ancient bipeds.
Woolly mammoths seem extra awesome to me.
I find 3d printing fascinating, and would have a house filled with (more) random cool junk made of plastic if I had access to a makerspace.

Most of my friends have tattoos, meaning that they have more than one tattoo. I suspect the majority of them have an odd, rather than even number of them.
A much larger number than average of my friends are GLBT. Some of them are married. Some of them have kids. 2 are trans male to female, 2 are trans female to male.
I know many twins. Well, if 8 (4 pair) counts as many.
I have more left-wing than right-leaning friends. Ratio is about 2:1.
I really like my in-laws, and they live minutes away. As a result, I hang out with folks who are retired a whole lot more often than someone my age.
I know people that use recreational drugs.
I know people who eschew caffeine, meat and alcohol. (Some, all three)

Via United States census, cdc, and etc –
Today, the average man weighs 194 pounds and the average woman weighs 164 pounds.
The average age is 37 today.
28% of adults have a college degree.
51% of adults are married today.
14% do not identify with any religion today.
Today football is four times as popular as baseball.
67% own their homes today.
22% regularly smoke cigarettes.
16% of the US population receive foodstamps
18% of the US population are in Medicaid -
average credit card debt is $6,500.


Totally unrelated- Books I want to read, recommended to me

This bloody Mary is the last thing I own
One of us
Round Ireland with a fridge, Tony hawks
The unthinkable thoughts of Jacob green, Joshua braff
Thirsty, m.t. Anderson
The enormous room, e.e.Cummings
Regarding the pain of others, Susan sontag
Death comes for the archbishop, willa cather

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The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a Tornado Warning for: Eastern Prince Georges County in central Maryland. Southern Anne Arundel County in central Maryland. Calvert County in Southern Maryland.

Until 6:00 pm EDT.
At 5:28 pm EDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was near Dunkirk, or near Upper Marlboro, and was moving Southeast at 20 mph.
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