August 29th, 2014

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scotto monkeypulse

Monsters – stream of thought

In semi order of preference. I generally lean toward misunderstood good guys or at least gray area beasties.

Clever Monkeys, Ape-men, Yeti, Neanderthals, or your basic out of place hominid type. Gollum falls into this for me, too

Kaiju – especially Godzilla and toho, but Gamera and King Kong also counts for me here. Kong counts extra, see Clever Monkeys, above.

Bigger Dinosaurs. In the kaiju vein, I guess. Usually land-based and 4-legged, but sea monsters like Nessie / Chessie are exceptions. Not as fond of the feathered or smaller dinosaurs.

Saurian humanoids … sleestak , deep ones and gill-men have a special place in my heart.

Giant insects, spiders and ants preferred.  Not as fond of fliers (except mothra, see above), though mantis and dragonflies are awesome.

Wolf man – Lon Chaney style. Furry guy in clothes, with that black dog nose, preferably with a knotted rope holding up tattered pants.

Robots. Intelligent. Giant, tiny or man sized.  (Or good guys Robby, K9 and B9)

The Thing (John carpenter’s version)

Frankenstein’s monster (sympathetic sensitive Karloff , first two movies – not the arms-out Mummy-style near automaton)

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