December 1st, 2014

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Happy December! Happy Monday!

Coughing a little rough this morning. Had to hit the ol’ breathing treatment twice this weekend. Drinking a lot of seltzer and ginger ale… maybe too much.

knight attacking dragon, saying yah-ho this is your end, you belching monster

For anyone who needs the list: Hazelnut, Mystify, Cuttlefish, Lark, Lurk, Robert, Anglican, Pheromone, Halter top, Marmalade, Hardware, Laser, Pepper, Release, Kneecap, Falafel, Period, Chaste, Chased, Leggings, Wool, Sweater, Heartbeat, Heartbeat, Heart, Beat, Heart, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat.</p>
Had a nice time last night playing old Atari 2600 games and watching Friday night videos with Allison. Mostly played space invaders, Yar’s Revenge, and Bowling. Music included interstitials by Justin and Jason Bateman from 1981 – the cars, phil collins, dire straits, prince, madonna and a plethora of others. </p>

Thought of the day -

In every desert there is water somewhere. When you find it, drink your fill. (Reminded by @carocrow on ello)

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