December 15th, 2014

scotto monkeypulse

Feeling a bit creaky.

Not sure if it’s the weather, or if I turned something on Friday, but I’ve been creaking along all weekend. Most memorable quote from Snowpiercer last night – “My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed. ” (Tilda Swinton) When there’s snow weather outside, gray-green skies and gusty wind roaring a bit in the background, I want to go back and play more Fallout 3. Snowpiercer had a similar vibe. rex from fallout new vegas panting I know Rex is from New Vegas, but there’s some snow. Dreamed that my skin was turning transparent, and my body was dissolving into the ground, like a thick, cloudy syrup seeping into the earth. I can still feel my bones and joints snapping like twigs, and sort of crackling sound as the solid portions of my form were ice submerged into scalding hot water… cracks and bubbles showing and rising out of me while changing to the liquid goop, all the color draining out faster than the liquid itself, until it was a cloudy, clear pour. body-of-light I would like to have that feeling of fluidity now… my body is more sharp angles than soft edges at the moment. I fell almost like an ice cube tray, in that if I were to twist, parts would crack and fall off. A hot shower, some anti-inflammatory meds, and heating pad use will be welcome this evening. Had my first schnapps in quite some time (more than a decade, at least). All saints had a mug o’hot  chocolate that you could refill for $2, or $4 with a bolt of peppermint swirled inside. IT wasn’t boozy at all, but only one was all I wanted. (drank about 3 total ‘virgin’ chocolates throughout the day, too.). Picked up some presents from Nancy for Allison, and Deciduous Dave for Wilton. I think Allison picked something up for me from the mineral dealer, as well.

Surprised - No exact match results found in my Google search for sharp rocks wrapped in strips of flesh.

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scotto monkeypulse

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