January 12th, 2015

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So much for my half day.

Due to police and fire activity at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station, Commuter Buses may experience significant delays this evening.  In addition, there are major service disruptions on Washington Metrorail; L’Enfant Plaza station is closed and yellow and green line service is suspended.  Please visit WMATA’s website (www.wmata.com) for the latest status of their operations.

Took me until 440 to get home. Bah. Update… worse than I thought.


L’Enfant Plaza Station temporarily closed; Green/Yellow service suspended in Downtown DC

Updated 8:15 p.m.

Green/Yellow line service will REMAIN SUSPENDED through end of service day btwn Gallery Place & Navy Yard/Pentagon. Expect possible Green/Yellow line service impacts tomorrow due to incident at L’Enfant Plaza.
Check before traveling in AM.

Orange/Silver/Blue Line service has been restored to L’Enfant Plaza. Trains on these lines are no longer bypassing the station. L’Enfant Plaza Station has re-opened for Orange/Silver/Blue line service ONLY. Enter using the 7th & Maryland Av or 7th & D St entrances.

Green Line shuttle bus boarding locations:

Navy Yard – NJ Ave & M St SEWaterfront – M St & 4th SWL’Enfant Plaza – C St & 7th St SWArchives – Pennsylvania Ave & 7th Street NWGallery Place – F St & 7th St NWMt Vernon Sq – M St & 7th St NW

Downtown Yellow Line customers should use Blue Line service between Downtown DC & Virginia. Transfer after Pentagon City to a Huntington-bound Yellow Line train.

Yellow & Green Line customers at Mt Vernon Sq may also use Metrobus Route 70 or 79 to reach Gallery Place & Archives.


DC Circulator – From M St/Navy Yard: 2 different routes available to either Eastern Market (OR/SV/BL Metrorail) or Union Station (Metrorail Red Line). SmarTrip accepted.VRE – Fredericksburg Line from Union Station or L’Enfant Plaza to Crystal City, King Street-Alexandria and Franconia-Springfield.


Metro Transit Police and fire department personnel are on scene at L’Enfant Plaza for smoke in the station.

The source of the smoke has not been determined. The station has been evacuated and is temporarily closed at this time.

Metro has activated tunnel fans to ventilate the area.

Service Information

Green Line service is SUSPENDED between Navy Yard and Mt Vernon Square.Yellow Line service is SUSPENDED between Pentagon City and Mt Vernon Square.Blue/Orange/Silver line trains are BYPASSING L’Enfant Plaza (passing through the station without stopping).L’Enfant Plaza is closed.Riders should consider alternate travel options. To view bus options, use Metro’s trip planner and select the “bus only” option. Expect significant delays.

News release issued at 3:54 pm, January 12, 2015.


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