January 21st, 2015

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number stations.

I remember hearing them when in the basement in Brockton and on the radio in Boynton Beach. Not sure what reminded me of that.  I had a radio that could pick up shortwave and weather reports… for a while I would write the numbers down, even though the big theory at the time was that it was part of a OTP code.  At one point I thought the numbers added up to “be quiet or it will hear you”, and another I imagined that they were coordinates of a location nearby, even though they were designed to bounce over a gigantic range.

The messages were always in English, though the music between the numbers was different, as were the announcer’s voices.

I think the first time I heard one of the stations, I was maybe seven years old – it was over a radio in the basement, where my dad did work sometimes. I don’t remember much about the area, but there was a workbench, a folding ruler, one of those strings on a spool that let you mark areas with blue chalk and a few magnets, alongside a couple of basic tools like screwdrivers and pliers.

My dad must’ve had it pre-tuned to one of those channels, or at least I don’t remember turning the dial to listen to something new.

I never asked my dad about that. Now, it’s too late.  Maybe my Uncle Doug, or Uncle Bob might remember something about it? Doubtful, seeing as it was what, about 40 years ago?

I’ve got boxes in my office at home that has random stuff from about that time  - I wonder what I’ll dig out when I finally go through them?

I know there are pictures of my parents in varying degrees of being married, a copy of an old family tree (validity totally unknown) and a scrapbook from when I was born.

I’ve got other stuff in the closet from when I lived in Florida – mostly old MageKnight figures or CD ROMs for PC games I haven’t played in over a decade. Ecco the Dolphin, the Hulk game (based on the Ang Lee Movie, I think). Maybe Fallout (the original) is in there… maybe Colonization or Rise of the Triad.


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