January 27th, 2015

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scotto monkeypulse

Thanks for the kick to the shins, lady.

Thingie punched by a guy, saying i shall finish you quickly, with as little pain as possible

Almost Preferable to my shin pain.

Slip-sliding into work today. OPM had a 2-hour delay but I made it in only about an hour after normal schedule. The woman sitting next to me slid on the wet floor and sent a sharply pointed shoe-toe into my right shin. That stung like a son of a bitch.


Random factoid -A 46-sided polygon is a tetracontahexagon using the Greek prefixes.  For the molecular structure of alkanes, the terminology would be reversed (hexatetracontagon).

So… would a 46-sided die be a tetracontahexahedron ?

More random – What is the shaking frequency of a wet badger?

(info re: shaking frequency of wet critters)

wet animal shaking frequency |  
mass of male animal | American badger: 18 lb  (pounds)
f = (11.96 kg^0.22Hz)/M^0.22 
f | frequency
M | mass of male animal
kg | kilogram (= 1000 g)
frequency - 7.6 Hz  (hertz)
     | mass   | shaking frequency
wolf | 48 lb  | 6.075 Hz
cat  | 4.5 lb | 10.23 Hz

Sean M is having LASIK done on his 20/800 peepers.  (20/500 to 20/1,000 : is considered profound visual impairment) Thankfully, he’s close to 20/20 with spex.

comparison charts 20-20 to 20-400 vision

I can only imagine 20/800.

It must be like getting a super power. Suddenly not having to worry about glasses in the rain, full range of vision… makes me appreciate my eyes that much more. Needing an appliance to get any sense is upsetting to me – hearing aids would be difficult, too. 


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