January 28th, 2015

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Hump day dump day

I was pranked by my immediate boss – whilst I was in a meeting, he cut a two tiny bits of scotch tape into squares, and put one over the eye of my optical mouse and the other over my identity chip that is used with the card reader at work.


Contact thwarted by cello-tape

I found out after I attempted to log back into my machine. The device threw an error… I assumed that the USB port was screwy, so I unplugged and re-plugged it in. No dice.  Thankful that I set my assorted editors to auto-save every here and again, I rebooted and hoped for the best – still no luck. I then noticed that the mouse pointer wasn’t moving when I rolled the little puck around, so I flipped it over and spotted the bit of tape over the red-lit aperture. Sensing that some mister P.L. might be up to some shenanigans, I pulled the chip out of the card reader again, and upon closer examination, there was a transparent film over my ID chip. I won’t be leaving that accessible at my desk again!

I poked my head around the corner, and asked (with a smile on my face, spinning my ID on my lanyard)  if he had a lot of spare time today.

He responded that I discovered his ruse in “record time.” Apparently, he pulled the same shenanigans on another guy in a similar fashion (batteries reversed in his cordless mouse, and a bit of tape on the contact there, too…) and it took that fellow a bit more time to solve his problem, requiring a call to our tech support guys.

I feel good that he didn’t get me too badly after his first prank recounted here - http://blog.scottobear.com/?p=20272

In Roman Numerals the number 46 can be written as XLVI.

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