February 9th, 2015

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        ice, ice, baby

It’s getting colder again, after an unseasonably warm Sunday. It was downright balmy this past weekend, though we spent most of our days indoors.

This was a weekend of meeting new people and old contacts I didn’t know in person.

Ken and Sue in CB: via craft show in Annemarie Gardens – they’ll be new visitors to knit nights, I think.

George Floria (New NB resident) and Edgar White (His Date)  at Mexico.

Also a bunch of ingress people at the DMV resistance meetup at Plaza MexicoMrSolomonGrundy walked up to me while I was gabbing with Allison, and he said “Are you Scott?” I turned around and there was a field of Blue Resistance T-shirts.

Malicious Emails sent around work today -

There are several emails being circulated to Users containing the subject ‘Account report’ with an attachment included; these emails can be from a variety of senders. These emails are malicious in nature, and can potentially compromise your computer. If you receive emails of this nature, please delete them immediately and do not open the attachment. If you have opened this attachment, please contact support as your computer may be compromised.

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