February 12th, 2015

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Yikes  - this came in followup of email issues this week:

As you know, DOT is under a SPAM/Phishing attack.  On Monday and Tuesday, DOT users received messages infected with malware.   This malware has the ability to morph and evolve so we must take extreme steps to eradicate this from the DOT network. 

At this point, it appears that approximately 4,200 FAA employees and 664 non-FAA employees have opened the attachments on the infected email.   All of these computers are infected and must be removed from the network to prevent the spread of the malware.  The computers will need to be reimaged before they can be placed back onto the network.

The process to disconnect network access is underway and all infected non-FAA computers will be removed from the network.  FAA is taking a similar approach and is pulling all of the infected computers from their network.

If your computer is infected:

·        Your computer has already been removed from the DOT network.
·        You will be notified that your computer is infected.
·        You have lost network access on your infected computer.  You are unable to access the internet, email, network drives, or network printers.
·        No files should be saved or moved from the infected computer – do not copy anything to a thumb drive or network drive.  Do not send files via personal email.
·        Do not connect your computer to any internet access including home and public wifi networks.
·        You still have access to your email and shared drive information from other computers and your mobile device.  Use alternative computers to access VDI or remote.dot.gov.

Thankfully, I know better than to open attachments like that. Yeesh, what a mess.  Nearly 5000 machines to be massaged. Support is going to be busy for a good span.

Nice that I can remote work, either way. :)

Cousin David is coming to town today… I think he’s only going to be here a day or two. Taking him out to supper tonight, with the In-laws.

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scotto monkeypulse

Thurs misc

This morning’s carpool topics of conversation:

  • family life in the 80s and 90s – divorce, child rearing, social issues
  • high school / college
  • real estate agents and drug dealers SoFla circa 1985
  • homelessness
  • benefits of having a spleen
  • breast reduction / augmentation costs
    • dolly parton
    • rosanne barr
  • benefits of a properly fitted bra
  • Fort Lauderdale in the 80s
  • Ethics of Legal Marijuana vs Alcohol vs Sugar
  • Gateway drugs
  • Organised Crime vs Federal Management
  • Secondhand Smoke vs Vape
  • Unlicensed cosmetic surgery with fix-a-flat.
  • Prison Tattoos


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