February 23rd, 2015

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Snuggles were the high point of the weekend for me. Got to love curling up and being comfy lovey with my family.  Quality time with them is the way things should be.

A little hyper-sensitive and emotional this weekend. – Mr. Morton made me cry.

Frozen Pipes – thankfully it was caught in time, and judicious use of hair dryer, light bulbs and hand-wringing prevented a burst. We have water again, and not in icy sheets across the floor.

Played a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition multi-player – used mic for first time with nice people. Made a few new party members to play with in future. Older dudes, like myself, rather than the kidlets I’m used to hearing on the air. Maybe this party chat thing has something to it after all!

Went to the DC / Baltimore Extra Life guild meetup. Pretty much just DC, primarily due to weather and driving conditions. It was nice to see Aladdin and Chelsea ( not to mention Denyse and Alyse! ) I got to introduce Allison to some folks, too.

Several  Xfinity wifi hotspots did not allow me to log in from silver spring yesterday at 2pm, and again last night at 7pm in North Beach, and again in DC this morning at 6am. When I first logged in, I got a bit worried about being the subject of a man in the middle attack, (don’t do it, kids) so I promptly changed my password via cell phone.

I contacted them and dealt with a dolt who was unable to do the most basic outside of the script thinking. even though I told her that I could connect, fill out a login and got a response saying that I did not have permission to connect, she wanted to tell me it was due to low signal strength or my mistyping my account and password.

After dealing with her for about a half hour, I was ultimately transferred to the WiFi support department, and phone connection was lost – I suspect my initial contact could not dial the phone. My second contact routed me almost immediately, and understood quite well the department I should visit -Comcast WiFi / hotspot support is 1-855-308-9453, by the way – she gave me the number before transferring me, just in case of another dropped call. Maryann, the codename for my third tech contact, mentioned that Xfinity WiFi hotspots are currently not working *ANYWHERE* for Comcast customers, returning the same error for any user and password – and to try connect in 6-8 hours from when I place the call (during my lunch hour, so sometime about 8pm when I get home – thankfully there is an access point next to the house… more fortunately, my personal internet and router are working fine. )

I’ll be interested to see if this is even an issue, and not a blow off item. I haven’t seen anything mentioning an outage on Comcast’s sites, or from an admittedly cursory Google search. Best I could find was -

If you still cannot get online and your Comcast Email or username and password are correct, it is possible that we are having a service issue. Please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-800-XFINITY and select the High Speed Internet service option.

Thanks for nothing, sport. On my poor customer service dual thumbs down to both Verizon and Comcast, at least in the Delmarva and South Florida regions where I have experience.


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