March 10th, 2015

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Thank you, CF 10! This makes things much simpler.


Removes duplicate values (if they exist) in a list.


List sans duplicate values


ColdFusion 10: Added this function


ListRemoveDuplicates(list[, delimiter] [, ignoreCase])


Parameter Description
list Required. List of objects.
delimiter Optional. Character(s) that separate list elements. The default value is comma. .
ignoreCase Optional. If true, ignores the case of strings in the list. By default the value is set to false.


                myList = "one,two,three,four,five,one,five,three"
                newList = listremoveduplicates(myList);
                //default delimeter is ","
                //newList contains "one,two,three,four,five"
                myList = "one,two,three,four,five,ONE,TWO,THREE"
                newList = listremoveduplicates(myList, ",", true);
    //newList contains "one,two,three,four,five"


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scotto monkeypulse


Yup, left my keys at home. Allison was out with Lily last night, so I called Larry for a helpful lift from Plaza Mexico post-dinner.

Between the bus slowdown due to a car running into us at L’Enfant – the last time was on Wednesday prior and supper  I got in about 10 minutes before Allison arrived home. Had I realized how close to home she was, I’d have just hung out at the restaurant and read my book for a bit.

Commute Conversation:

  • Dealing with troublesome family members ( Primarily mental heath and dynamics of care)
  • Evil spleen monster (do I smell smoke?)
  • Anchorman 2 Sucked, big time.
  • Chappie getting poor reviews
  • White Man’s Burden movie.
  • Biracial kids treatment. Does D look Hispanic (Half C/ Half AA). Does V look Asian (same)

I think the snow is gone for the season… my groundhog senses are tingling. Also, I trimmed my sea-captain beard back down to evil-twin door knocker, since the wind is not so harsh on the ol’ jowls. 


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