March 14th, 2015

scotto monkeypulse

Happy Pi day.

The Pi Day of the Century is here! One day every century, the numbers of the current month, day, year, hour, minute and second line up to match the first 10 digits of the mathematical constant pi: 3.14.15 9:26:53. On this page you can watch this rare event occur in real time.

With the time displayed in 12 hour format, the digits will match pi twice; at 9:26:53 AM and 9:26:53 PM. And since there are currently 40 UTC offsets observed around the world, you will have 80 opportunities to catch the event! If you want a reason to extend the celebration by another 80 seconds, you may also include 9:26:54, since the 11th digit of pi is 5, which makes the 10th digit 4 when rounded up. 160 seconds of celebration spread throughout the day! Woohoo!

My favorite Pi is Pyewacket.

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