March 16th, 2015

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One door closes, another opens

I found out today that fellow Extra-Lifers Maria and Jason West are expecting a child… due on Extra-Life 2015 (November 7).  Two really great people – I’m very happy for them. I wonder if I’ll get a chance to meet the third West come the next Extra Life United?

Speaking of which, I really like this logo – covers all the gaming aspects, from dice, paper, pencil and video-type.



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scotto monkeypulse

Weekend recap

Let’s see here, dear journal…

Friday, Paul sussed out a great solution to the site’s issues – It’s loading now, and fast! After a week of data drag and timeouts he went with 2 things.

1) I changed how caching was done on her pages
2) I indexed 7 columns in her database
once that bottleneck was gone, all the Access-driven pages flew
it works so well I applied that caching model to our pages.
 On Test where there’s no caching, the combined total query execution time was around 230-250ms.  Throwing a 30 second cache on the 2 main queries that the others draw from dropped that to 5-11ms.

Upgrade to CF10 seems to be solidly in place now.

We should probably also find a list for CF9, because we picked those up during the upgrade from 8 too.

Friday night wasn’t much fun for me – long commute home, sitting next to a guy that was drunk. Apparently he does construction of some sort in DC. I relocated as soon as I could, but the first 45 minutes of the ride home was like being next to a smelly and loud goat.

Got home in a time to get back in the car and head south for another 45 minutes to Laughing Buddha for dinner with the in-laws.  The food there is usually very good, but they must’ve been having a rough night… this was the first time I didn’t want to finish my meal, or keep the leftovers. That said, they are awesome 99% of the time.  I’ll let them know later on – I’m confident that they can take constructive criticism.

Returned home, and promptly zonked right out.

Saturday was Pi / Pie / Pye day, of course.

Spent most of the day taking it easy – I drifted in and out of sleep pretty much until we left for dinner.. . recovering lost sleep after an exhausting week, I suppose.

We celebrated by  going for pizza at 3 brothers (after much deliberation – prior to that, it was going to be a trip to Annapolis for Cheeburger Cheeburger, then Maggiano’s, then the Double T Diner for Pie… ) I was perfectly happy with our Sicilian Pizza solution – I was fairly surprised that it is no longer on the menu, but they can do one if asked.

Post- Pizza, Chris and Allison bounced to TJ Maxx while Larry and  I hit Safeway for some essentials. Made it back home about 10 or so, and we stayed up for maybe an hour watching YouTube before hitting the sack.

Sunday we went to Brunch with the Meyers – met their daughter (Paige) their niece (Kelly), and friends Jeff and Lucie (and their two adorable kids, names out of my noggin) . Jeff and I hit it off pretty well, a common love of comics / RPG tabletop and classic video games. He may have convinced me to give Arrow another try.  Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix right now… if the bus has WiFi, I may make the attempt on the commute home during the week(s) ahead.

So, I finally got to eat at the Rod & Reel (Rotten Eel). The food was OK… standard buffet stuff. decent waffles, decent omelets. They weren’t very interested in high-speed busing the tables. There was a huge crush of people which meant lines and navigation issues. Our reservation was for 11:15, but we really didn’t get a spot to sit in until nearly noon.  Not my thing – plenty of other breakfast spots to visit.

Returned home and we zonked out again. After napping for a while, Allison and I just hit the house hard and caught up with a bunch of chores that just needed doing, and had been put off too long.  We ended up having leftover pizza for dinner, and sacking out after that.

My mood over the course of the weekend has been rather hyper-sensitive. Got a bit of a case of the hives, back was achy at the least and very painful at the worst. I was not a happy camper – irritable, cranky, and a bit negative in thought.

Newton was a good boy.

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