April 3rd, 2015

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Friday, here we are.

Best thing about April 1 this yes is that I wasn’t pranked! Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m not a fan of practical jokes. I do enjoy the surreal and unexpected.

“Think how different your life would be if you’ve never met the person who changed everything”

Wednesday night, after dinner out at plaza mexico we got pulled over on the for passenger brake light out. I’m glad that there are patrols out here.

Recent conversation topics:

A good “jukebox app” for SM’s new house.  Plex add on, maybe?

Jason Priestly / Call me Fitz / “pink sock” for prolapsed rectum

Police in the small Indiana town of Walkerton on Thursday stepped up patrols around Memories Pizza after backlash to the owner’s saying her family would decline to cater a gay wedding under the state’s new religious freedom law. The restaurant temporarily closed Wednesday after receiving threats. Critics have unleashed a wave of Yelp reviews slamming the owners as anti-LGBT. Supporters, however, raised over $200,000 for Memories on a GoFundMe page in just 24 hours. [The Associated Press, The Washington Post]

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