April 10th, 2015

scotto monkeypulse

We return once again to Friday.

This week has alternately blown by and been way too long, dear journal. Taxes getting done this weekend.

PAK CHOOIE UNF - stuck in my head much of this week. Do you have stairs in your house?

Talk topics -

  • Eyeball Biohacking
  • I like doing well while doing good.
  • The Schrader Clot
  • moving homes
  • tax time
  • philosophy vs survival (Vegetarian happy to eat meat if trapped on a desert island only populated with bunnies… or mindless brainstem babies)
  • moral implications of growing artificial babies with no brainstems in vats for food purposes
  • Shabbos Goy
  • Jews and Tattoos - (The bottom line is that just as those who ate treif, violated Shabbat, took interest on loans or cheated on taxes can be buried in a Jewish cemetery, so can those who violated the prohibition of tattooing. If sinners were excluded from Jewish cemeteries, our cemeteries would be empty. A person with a tattoo is buried in a Jewish cemetery, no questions asked.)
  • HUFU - “the healthy human flesh alternative”
  • One shudders to think what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? 

Little known historical fact: Pharaohs were buried with their hands crossed over their chests because it was a popular belief that there would be countless water slides in the afterlife.

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