April 13th, 2015

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Monday is a rattle made of human teeth.

What does it mean, dear journal?  I think it paints a fair picture.

Allison and I went to dinner at Skipper’s Pier on Friday.

From my review on yelp – Two of five stars (meh. I’ve had better)

I’ve heard numerous good things about this place.

My wife and I went last Friday and the view was gorgeous, and the service friendly, swift and professional.

Unfortunately, the appetizers and entrees were on the not so great side. biscuits were raw and doughy – sent them back and we got new raw, doughy biscuits. (the hush puppies were just right). I had an order of fish and chips – flavorless and soggy. Thankfully small portions. Not small enough to stop food poisoning to kick in later that evening.

Dessert of peanut butter pie and double chocolate smith island cake were wonderful.

I’d happily go back for drinks and/or dessert, and to watch the sun go down over the water. No way I’d care to go back for anything else.

Saturday came, and aside from the severe gastric distress connected to the prior day’s night out, my back and leg were really hurting. I’m looking quite forward to seeing my ortho later this week. I slept from 11 pm fri to about 2pm Saturday. I was so out of it, I fairly just limp dishragged between the couch and the bathroom. I was feeling better about 7pm, and spent an hour working on our taxes before coming back to the couch and resting for the remainder of the night.

Sunday - Let’s see – I finished our taxes, and we did ok. I would prefer to finish the first week of February, but a lot of factors slowed me down… not the least of which is my tendency to procrastinate when it comes to chewing on those sorts of numbers for four or 5 hours at a stretch.

We went to dinner with the in-laws and Allison at the Dockside Restaurant (Formerly Calypso Bay)

From our yelp reviews -

Me – 5/5 stars -

Took the family out for supper after doing our taxes. These are the guys ported from petie greens (noted in prior reviews, no doubt) our server was well versed in the menu and able to adjust for items not normally on the dinner menu (a turkey reuben).

Awesome food, great service and beautiful venue.  Crab dip is classic, and I had the salmon which was prepared wonderfully.  Dessert was a hot chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top…. fantastic.

I would highly recommend and certainly will return as soon as possible.

Allison – 4/5 stars -

These are the same folks that had Petie Green’s up the road. Over 7 years of dining at PG’s the food had always been consistently good. The menu isn’t huge or particularly fancy but that’s fine, this area has too many places that get fancy without paying attention to consistency and quality.  They stick to what they do well and run specials that keep things exciting.

Their crab dip is my absolute favorite;  with a touch of horseradish, lots of cheese and crusty french bread. After a long work week that’s my Friday comfort food.

Only downside of that night was that when I got into the love cube, the front passenger side window was down. I’d thought that Allison had rolled the window down for some reason, but it turned out that the cable lifting the window broke from normal wear and tear.  Allison took it to Sisk Auto body – They are fantastic to deal with. They helped us when we hit the deer about a year back, when we were rear-ended a ways back and back when the tree crunched the car in 2008.  They’ve always given us a fair shake and good service.

That’s ~$250 of the refund back into the economy right away.  I don’t mind so much… I’m very happy that nothing was taken from the interior and that nobody was hurt.

Anyhow, Monday is a new day. Allison is heading out tonight with a work-buddy, so I’m likely going to chill out in the living room and play a little planetside 2 beta,  behave like a sleepy bachelor… probably curl up with the kitten-lads and eat snacks.

Depending how that goes, I may continue with a little Dragon Age: Inquisition or Far Cry 4… or Minecraft.


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