April 16th, 2015

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Throwback Thursday – My folks wedding photos January, 1967

January 14, 1967.

I wasn’t born for about another 2 years.


Dad, Father… Mooney? Gibbons? and Uncle Billy


Grampa von Berg, Mom, Dad. You can see how giant Grampa was. My mom and dad were no shrimps.


Just Married. I don’t think that car made it to my arrival. I remember the dark caddy and the corvette as our early vehicles.


Mom at 21? dad at 23? something like that. 2017 would’ve been 50 years. (not that they stayed married past the 1980s) I think they split in ’85 or so.


Wedding toast. It’s funny that I can see hints of my brother and myself in both of them, though I think that we took different parts, both physically and mentally from the source material.


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