April 20th, 2015

scotto monkeypulse

weekend in a nutshell.

Went to the back doc on Friday. Going to try to lose about 30 lbs over the next six months to reduce chance of pneumonia, blood clots, etc if surgery is desired. (surgery would be a walk away in one day sort, if taken)

great deal of stress for me and Allison all weekend.

Baltimore on Friday.  Got supper at court of shanghai in Annapolis.

Saturday was mostly chores and sleeping. we ate from the pantry – I didn’t leave the house.

Dinner from Ledo’s Sunday night. Actively calorie counting now to lose weight. I did have enough for a veggie calzone and fries, though I suspect that will be pretty uncommon in the near future.

TV was us finishing Trailer park boys, finishing Bob’s Burgers and watching Reign to episode 10, about 15 minutes of daredevel, before decising we’d come back another time – we were actively anti-jazzed. I hope and suspect it was due to our moodiness. I’ll try it again later. Sometimes, It saddens me a bit that I don’t care for what most fandom loves See also(with some fun here and there): Firefly,  X-files,  Lord of The Rings movies, Christopher Nolan’s Batman, the first Thor movie, Hunger Games….

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scotto monkeypulse

four-twenty, duuuude. A decade and a half…

Today - First official day at my gig, no longer a subcontractor…. now just a contractor.

My 3 favorite critters (Allison, Pye and Newt)

Back is creaky, but not as bad as it was last week.

Weekend recap.


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