April 27th, 2015

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Monday. Recap.

First of all, I’m glad it’s still so lovely and cool outside.

Kitten says it's 52 degrees Fahrenheit today in DC

As opposed to 100F in South Florida. Blech!

Next, This weekend was pretty productive. I teleworked Friday, and aside from terrible network slowdown and my main development program crashing and losing me 3 hours of work, it went pretty well.

Back was pretty wrecked all weekend, but that didn’t stop us from picking up Toni P and going to Fibre Space to shop for birthday presents. They are on thin ice – second strike of shopping dislike since they moved to their new location. It’s a shame, because I really liked them back in the day (2010/2011ish). Now, it seems like they don’t rotate stock very often and the vibe is a little meh. Ah well, we can always hit up good ol’ Cloverhill, which as only flourished since Wae took the helm. Went to Ledo with the Meyers, and it was dandy.

Friday, we hit dockside for supper with the In-laws and it was tasty. Our second visit, and quite good. I had a crabcake salad – enormous and yummy.

Smooch on Sunday Morning – back at dockside again for breakfast. Third visit and it’s still a charm. Lovely morning and we took a little walk along the harbor.

animated smooch

Sunday Morning Kisses

Sunday Afternoon Toni came back over and we discussed using her cleaning service. I think it’s a good idea since we both are exhausted after work and need a good break on weekends.

I’m getting more thought-forward to extra-life. Time to really crank up fund raising.

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