September 29th, 2015

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Today is National Coffee Day


Today is National Coffee Day, but here, from our Tumblr Archives, is a contrary view on some alleged drawbacks to its enjoyment.


The women’s petition against coffee : representing to publick consideration the grand inconveniencies accruing to their sex from the excessive use of that drying, enfeebling liquor, 1674.


“Our men, who in former Ages were justly esteemed the Ablest Performers in Christendome; But to our unspeakable Grief, we find of late a very sensible Decay of that true Old English Vigor; our Gallants being every way so Frenchified, that they are become meer Cock-sparrows, fluttering things that come on Sa sa, with a world of Fury, but are not able to stand to it, and in the very first Charge fall down flat before us. Never did Men wear greater breeches, or carry less in them of any Mettle whatsoever.”

The mens answer to the womens petition against coffee : vindicating their own performances, and the vertues of that liquor, from the undeserved aspersions lately cast upon them, by their scandalous pamphlet, 1674.


Houghton Library, Harvard University

from Tumblr

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scotto monkeypulse

For the record.

Organic foods, are no more nutritious, safe, or “natural” than conventionally grown or genetically engineered foods.

This is one of those things of which I simply cannot convince one of my friends, even though there is a huge pile of evidence to back the statement.

He’s not alone. Jamie Oliver at least got dealt with on this. 

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