October 7th, 2015

scotto monkeypulse

Some days, it doesn’t pay to wander out of the Bridgewater triangle.

Black Triangle, Devil’s Triangle… maybe it’s time for this skunk-ape to wander back into the Hockomock swamp. ( Only about  8 miles or approximately 23 Dunkin’ Donuts locations from my old house in Brockton)

Seriously, though, I wonder if growing up in this area is the origin of my interest in xenobiology – especially stuff like Bigfoot, Pukwudgie and other critters of Wampanoag folk origin.

I wonder if my interests would be different if I grew up in the midwest, or the west coast, or some other country entirely?

I don’t remember many monster stories from my time in the Keys, just ghost stories.

I still love me some Nessie, though I’ve never visited the Loch.


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