December 25th, 2015

scotto monkeypulse

Xmas 2015 loot.

Boss monster card game and mat

Mottainai card game

Fairytale gloom


Collage pic of awesomeness (double sided)

Hickory farms cheese box

Sweet hot mustard

Mberry miracle fruit tabs

Nuka-cola and vault boy lanyards

Mini toolkit

3 way flashlight/uv/laser pointer

Assassin’s creed syndicate

Dishonored definitive ed

Wolfenstein old blood

Robot chicken dc comics special

Adafruit gift card

Third eye comics gift card

Polymorph white moldable plastic 1.1 lb

Lockjaw and hairball heroclix figure

A mysterious package subscription

Lego dimensions packs :

Scooby-Doo team 71206

Simpsons 71202

Cyborg 71210

Dr who 71204

In stocking –
Metric ton of candy
Caramel taste test pack
Many caramels
Chocolate covered blueberries
Almond butter cups
Giant Hershey kiss
Hazelnut kisses
M&ms mint
Chocolate pretzels
Plastic lamppost
Mint kitkats

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