June 14th, 2016

scotto monkeypulse

Aliases I’ve never used.

Stig Gorgonsdottir (Or Gorgonnson, really)

Dena Vakkeret

Muddy Duncan


Bert Cloudcukoolander

Thomas Dent Mutter on being a gentleman –

“A gentleman,” says he, “is but a gentle man—no more, no less: a diamond polished that was a diamond in the rough; a gentleman is gentle; a gentleman is modest; a gentleman is courteous; a gentleman is generous; a gentleman is slow to take offence, as being one that never gives it; a gentleman is slow to surmise evil, as being one that never thinks it; a gentleman goes armed only by a consciousness of right; a gentleman subjects his appetites; a gentleman refines his tastes; a gentleman subdues his feelings; a gentleman controls his speech; and finally, a gentleman deems every other better than himself.”

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