July 6th, 2016

scotto monkeypulse

He neither strives for achievement nor risks failure, focusing instead on solid, sustained mediocrit

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Bert Williams – “When I Return” Frank Trumbauer Orchestra – “There’ll Come a Time” Wendell Hall – “There’s a Trick in Pickin’ a Chick Chick Chicken These Days” Vaughn De Leath – “Tin Pan Parade” Harry Reser – “Ukulele Lady” Victoria Spivey – “One Hour Mama” Sophie Tucker – “Oh! You Have No Idea” The Trix Sisters – “I’m Crazy Over You” Bruz Fletcher – “The Hellish Mrs. Haskell” Los Cuatro Huasos – “Veinticinco Limones” Clara Smith – “My John Blues” Larry Adler – “Solitude” Eddie Cantor – “My Wife Is On a Diet” Clarence Senna – “How to Write a Popular Song” Bo Carter – “Ram Rod Daddy” Lillian Morton – “Evening Star” http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/41100

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