August 4th, 2016

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Links for searches for free items on Google Play [Music] [Movies] [TV]

Books have a “free” filter on their searches and Newsstand is lousy with free stuff, but Music, Movies, and TV are missing a good way to filter by price. But you can do searches for free items by using the &price=1 modifier!
Sometimes it’ll be a puny list of nothing you care about, and there are a few things that stay permanently free (ex: you’ll notice I have Music set to filter out Bible stuff that clutters the list otherwise), but this will also show special offers when they happen. Check it often, never know what might pop up.
TV shows:*+-blahblahblahc=movies&docType=20&sp=CBRiGQoXKiAtYmlibGUgLWJpYmxpYSAtaW5qaWx6BRgBwAECigECCAE%3D:S:ANO1ljLDRq4&price=1



Note: If you open this in the Play Store app on mobile it sometimes doesn’t work, but if you open these in Chrome they should work just fine. Should work for any territory as well, though I haven’t tested for anything outside the USA.
(edit: typo corrected in the Movies link)

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