September 25th, 2016

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Mesh on piratebox now!,20053

The overall changelog is: 

Changelog 1.1 : 
* [New] Enable / Disable file provisioning for custom lighttpd directory listing 
* [New] ChatBox message is now in conf/chat_init.txt 
* [New] Disable the Shoutbox to prevent writing into it 
* [New] PHP configuration shipped, to enable easily for modifications 
* [New] Mesh implementation, technical preview 
* [New] JSON config file to direct client side applications, like “share apps” 
* [New] Simply python IRC Server installed and prepareable for automatic start 
* [New] Shoutbox-Time via Client-Date possible 
* [New] Website is now available under /content and /opt/piratebox/share 
* [New] [RPi] Service files for using a RTC at PiratBox 
* [New] Redirect all DNS requests to local box via firewall (custom script) 
* [New] Redirect all web request option via firewall (disabled) (custom script) 
* [New] [OpenWrt] Redirect all DNS requests to local box via firewall 
* [New] [OpenWrt] Redirect all web request option via firewall (disabled) 
* [New] [OpenWrt] Enable all wifi devices with the PirateBox SSID 
* [New] [OpenWrt] AP Client isolation activated per default 
* [Changed] Send HTTP-Code 204 via PHP, much cleaner 
* [Changed] Update jQuery to 2.2.3, removes IE <=8 support 
* [Changed] Redirect happens now always to wished domain name 
* [Changed] Droopy, make chmod operation optional (prevent errors on OpenWRT) 
* [Fix] License Adjustments 
* [Fix] Prevent JS Injection in Shoutbox 
* [Fix] Shoutbox: Missing blank between author and content 
* [Fix] Fix problem when running in small display mode at direcotry listing. 
* [Fix] Add xhtml mime type in lighttpd configuration 

So, as you can see a bunch of changes and I hope we nailed down the most issues. 

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